AI-Powered Automated Forex Trading Platform

Let robots execute trading strategies based on data. 1fxsol is compatible with various MT5 Forex brokers, allowing easy integration with your existing workflows.

Register with 1fxsol and start algo trading immediately. Use your existing MT5 broker credentials. No need to move funds.

Scalable Cloud

Accelerate your trading journey through our on-demand cloud infrastructure resources.


Our infrastructure is fully synchronised with your trading terminals, no API or plug-ins required.

Predictive AI

1fxsol trades using AI in a fully automated way. All decisions to open a position are done without manual intervention - all hands off.

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1FxSol is NOT a broker, and it does not hold client funds. 1FxSol does not provide any financial services. 1FxSol is a MIDDLE-WARE provider facilitating the execution of algorithmic trading robots. Clients DO NOT hold funds at any 1FxSol money account, but at a broker of their choice and they enable their bots at 1FxSol to receive quotes and send orders to their brokers.